191040, Saint-Petersburg, Marata str., b.40
Vladimirskaya Dostoevskaya Mayakovskaya
Uprising Square Ligovsky Avenue Zvenigorodskaya
+7 (812) 748-59-50
191040, Saint-Petersburg, Marata str., b.40
191040, Saint-Petersburg, Marata str., b.40


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1. What advantages do I get when choosing accommodation in the Boutique hotel "NORTHERN FLOWER"?
Our Boutique hotel is a small designer exclusive hotel, offering a special style and atmosphere with an individual approach to each guest. That is why, coming here, guests can feel at home, surrounded by peace and warmth. The rooms and public areas are decorated in a classic style with modern elements. Original works of St. Petersburg artists harmoniously complement the atmosphere created by designers.

Convenient location in the Center of St. Petersburg within walking distance from the Moscow railway station, 6 metro stations Vladimir/Dostoevskaya, Mayakovskaya/Ploshchad Vosstaniya, Ligovsky PR., Zvenigorodskaya.

For our guests — high-Speed access to Wi-Fi, a personal computer (in the cafe area) with the ability to access the Internet, with the ability to print text documents
2. Can I come to the hotel with animals?
Accommodation with animals and birds in our hotel is prohibited. Thus, we guarantee our guests (especially young children), no allergies.
3. How do I pay for additional services at the hotel?
Additional services can be paid in cash or by credit card at the Reception.
4. How often are rooms cleaned and linen changed?
Rooms are cleaned daily, bed linen is changed every 2 days, towels — daily. Each room has an information plate, a sign on the door handle of the room from the outside, guests further inform the maid about the request to clean the room
5. How is the food at Your hotel?
On the 1st floor in the cafe area each morning Breakfast is served by the supply system “buffet”. For our guests around the clock in the cafe coffee machine (coffee, tea, cocoa, boiling water). Lunch and dinner menus can be arranged for groups. Each room has a tea station.
6. Can I bring guests to the room?
With the knowledge of the administration and at the request of residents, unauthorized persons can be from 12:00 to 23:00 without registration:
  • in the hotel room for 2 hours;
  • in the lobby of the administration for 2 hours.

For additional accommodation of visitors will be charged according to the current price list.
7. What are the cancellation conditions?
The Hotel applies guaranteed and non-guaranteed reservation.

Guaranteed booking — is made upon prior request of the Guest/Customer with a security payment (hereinafter — the “Deposit”) in the amount of 100% of the cost for the entire stay at the Hotel, or 100% of the cost for the first night of stay at the Hotel, followed by a Deposit of the value of the unpaid period of stay upon arrival.

With a guaranteed reservation, the Hotel will wait for the Guest until the check-out time of the day following the day of the scheduled arrival. In case of untimely refusal of the Guest from booking or no-show of the Guest from him (from the Customer) at the expense of the Deposit the penalty for a simple room (place in the room) in the amount of the established cost of the room (place in the room) for 1 (one) day is withheld.

In case of delay of the Guest and placing it in the Hotel after 00 hours 00 minutes before the set check-out time, the fee for a guaranteed reservation from him (the Customer) at the expense of the Deposit is charged at the rate of half the established cost of the room (space in the room) for 1 (one) day, as well as a penalty for a simple room (space in the room) in the amount of half the established cost of the room (space in the room) for 1 (one) day.

If the Guest is late for more than a day, the guaranteed reservation will be canceled.
Non-guaranteed reservation — is made upon prior request of the Guest/Customer without making a Deposit. In case of non-guaranteed reservation, the Hotel will wait for the Guest until 18.00 local time of the day of the expected arrival, after which the reservation is canceled without notice to the Guest/Customer, and further provision of services by the Hotel is made on a General basis, subject to availability.

When booking, accommodation or free accommodation, the Guest/Customer chooses the room category, and the right to choose a specific room belonging to this category remains with the Hotel. If possible, the Hotel takes into account the wishes of the Guest/Customer regarding accommodation in a particular room.

Any reservation is considered to be confirmed only after the Guest/Customer receives a unique reservation number and a written confirmation from the reservation Manager.
Any reservation is considered unconfirmed after written or oral notification from the Hotel stating the reason for refusal.

The booking is considered unconfirmed if the Guest/Customer has not received written or oral confirmation from the booking Manager within more than 24 hours from the time of sending the request.

In case of a guaranteed reservation, the cancellation is initiated by the person who made the reservation. To do this, the relevant person must contact the booking Manager by phone +7(812) 748 5950 or e – mail: info@northflower.ru with a request to cancel the reservation with a unique reservation number, no later than 14 days before the checkout time of the guest’s arrival at the Hotel.

Only cancellation with obligatory confirmation by the Hotel of receipt of the corresponding notification from the Guest/Customer (in writing or orally) is valid.

To change the information in the confirmed booking request, please contact the booking Manager by phone +7(812) 748 5950 or e-mail: info@northflower.ru, with a request for changes indicating the unique reservation number.

Changes in confirmed reservation is considered confirmed after the notification by the Guest that booked the room with the mandatory confirmation by the Hotel receiving this notification. However, the Hotel may refuse a request for changes if they are not possible.
If the application is canceled (changed) in accordance with the Rules, the refund is made after a written request to the booking Manager. In this case, you must specify the application number or details of the person who paid for the hotel services, the name of the Guest, the terms of the claimed stay.

8. We arrive in St. Petersburg early in the morning. Will your driver meet us? How much does this service cost?
The hotel offers a Shuttle service. Our driver will meet You at the airport or at the station with a sign with the logo of our hotel. You can find out the prices and book a transfer by specifying at the time of booking that You need a transfer service. Our staff will contact You and agree on the cost and requirements for the car.
9. Can you help us organize tours or excursions?
The hotel administrators will help You to book an individual tour in Russian or foreign languages, a car or a minibus with a qualified driver. Also, our administrators will tell you where to go to order a tour of the city or buy tickets to visit attractions. We are also happy to help You when ordering tickets to the theater.
10. What does "early check-in / late check-out"mean?
Standard check — in is check-in after 14.00.

With this check-in you can check in at any time from 14.00. In this case, you can arrive at the hotel earlier (leave things in the Luggage room), but in the room you will be accommodated only after 14:00. The day ends at 12.00 the next day, regardless of the time at which you arrived at the hotel.

Standard check-out is check-out until 12.00. That is, you have to leave the room before 12.00. At the same time, you can leave your things in the hotel’s storage room until the evening for free.

Early check — in is from 06.00 to 14.00. If you plan to check in early in the morning, you need to book an early check-in. In this case, the room is waiting for You from the early morning. For this check-in you will have to pay half the cost of the booked room. If the room you booked is ready for check-in before 14.00, the hotel will place you in the room before without additional payment.

Late check-out is check-out until 18.00. If you plan to stay in the room until late in the evening, you need to book a late check-out. This departure is paid as half of the cost of one day of the booked room. At the same time, you can stay in the room until 18.00.
*In some cases, early check-in/late check-out is free of charge.
11. Can I find out about the availability of a hotel room and book it?
Certainly. Information about the availability You can get round the clock by phones: +7 (812) 748-59-50 or by sending a request by e-mail at E-mail: info@northflower.ru or just using the form of on-line booking site (online Advisor on the left on each page).
You can contact us at your convenience!
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