191040, Saint-Petersburg, Marata str., b.40
Vladimirskaya Dostoevskaya Mayakovskaya
Uprising Square Ligovsky Avenue Zvenigorodskaya
191040, Saint-Petersburg, Marata str., b.40

Breakfast at the hotel

Boutique hotel "NORTHERN FLOWER" is a small exclusive hotel.

Breakfast at the boutique hotel «NORTH FLOWER».

When you choose a hotel before trip, you pay attention to many factors: location, feedback, distance to the centre, price, star rating and etc. Also for many visitors the quality and variety of breakfast is the determining factor when choosing a hotel in the centre of Saint-Petersburg with breakfast, including taste of coffee, freshness of pastries.

The boutique hotel «NORTH FLOWER» pays special attention to breakfast. In our hotel all dishes are prepared on the day of serving, no semi-finished products are used. Management strictly controls the quality of the products and dishes purchased before serving the guests.

All pastries (bread white and gray, pies on weekend) are baked in our own kitchen.

With breakfast, guests day begins, and it is very important to set the right beginning of the day, whether it is a business or romantic trip.

From Monday to Friday, breakfast in the boutique hotel «NORTH FLOWER» is available in the café area from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. At the weekend and on public holidays, breakfast is served from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Breakfast is served by a buffet system (ВВ — the international classification).

Hot meals for breakfast

The boutique hotel «NORTHERN FLOWER» has adopted a pre-order system of hot meal for breakfast. Each guest can choose from the offered menu a certain hot dish for his breakfast. The choice and ordering of a hot dish by the guest are made by the Receptionist on duty, the night before. The hot dish is served individually to each guest.



The main breakfast is served by a buffet and includes the following meals and drinks:

  • Porridge (Kasha) of different types;
  • Boiled eggs, eggs or omelette;
  • Pancakes, fritters;
  • Meat cutting: several types of sausage and ham;
  • Vegetable cut from cucumbers and tomatoes, pepper;
  • Bread – white, grey or black rye bread, sweet pastry;
  • Butter for sandwiches, jam, home preserves, honey, sugar;
  • Black tea, green tea or herbal tea;
  • Coffee or cocoa, milk, cream, juice, drinking water;
  • Fresh or canned fruit;
  • Hot meals (dishes), according to the pre-order. These may be boiled/fried sausages, chicken dishes, schnitzel, fish, eggs with bacon and cheese. The garnish may be rice, potatoes, dried (stewed) vegetables.



In our hotel all pastries (white and gray bread, croissants) are baked in own kitchen of our hotel on the day of serving, no semi-finished products are used.

A sweet pie or a cheesecake is also served on weekends.


Coffee for free

Guests of our boutique hotel «NORTH FLOWER» can drink coffee and tea in a lobby zone free of charge.

Available 24 hours per day:
  • Coffee: espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte;
  • Black tea, green tea or herbal tea;
  • cracker or cookies.


Lunch Box

The Lunch Box will be provided to guests who leave before breakfast. The Lunch Box in our boutique hotel «NORTH FLOWER» includes:

1.Packing, devices:
  • Branded bag with handles.
  • The container Eco Lunch for food products.
  • Disposable appliances in the package: teaspoon, fork, knife, paper napkin.

  • Sandwich with chees and meat cutting.
  • Croissant.
  • Sweet pastry (variants).
  • Juice is packaged in assortiment.
  • Yogurt in assortiment.
  • Fresh apple/orange/ banana.
  • Butter, jam portion.

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