191040, Saint-Petersburg, Marata str., b.40
Vladimirskaya Dostoevskaya Mayakovskaya Uprising Square Ligovsky Avenue Zvenigorodskaya

Services for free

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At Guest request the Hotel provides the following services for free:
▪ Calling ambulance and other special services;
▪ Personal computer with Internet access with an opportunity to print A4 documents;
▪ Calling taxi;
▪ First-aid kit
▪ Bringing correspondence addressed to a Guest to a Room;
▪ Waking-up at fixed time;
▪ Provision of boiled water, needles, threads, 1 kit of dishes and cutlery;
▪ Provision of ironing devices for using in a room;
▪ A baby bed;
▪ A baby chair for feeding in a cafe.